I opted for private therapy after struggling for so many years with debilitating episodes of depression and anxiety and the frustration of not understanding my triggers. I immediately felt welcomed and safe by Susie who enabled me to open up about my life experiences in a calm and friendly environment. Susie has an amazing ability to make you feel understood and she never had a problem remembering key details from week to week which ended up being vital to link my triggers to my past experiences. She has boosted my confidence and my self esteem and I can truly say that I can’t ever remember feeling so content and positive about my future. I no longer react to situations that used to trigger a response from my inner child and feel more able to tackle problems as the adult I am. Thank you so much Susie for changing my life.

Client: Depression & Anxiety

I’ve benefitted a lot from my sessions with Susie. With her help I’ve gradually unpicked a tangle of issues that had caused me many problems in my personal life.  As well as listening to and guiding my journey into this, Susie also brought relevant books and other source of info from the field of psychology for me to engage in. I found this helped me grasp ideas on my own and gave me a sense of independence as I worked through my issues.

I’m grateful for this approach.

Susie also encouraged our sessions to take place in pleasant outdoor spaces such as along the river Mersey. These sessions have helped our conversations feel comfortable and natural.

*thanks for the encouragement Susie, I’ll certainly keep practicing!

Walk & Talk Therapy Client: Personal Life Issues